Year 2

School Supplies List for Year 2 includes:

1 Faber Castell colour grip pencils pack of 24

1 Faber Castell HB pencils pack of 12

1 Pencil sharpener 2 hole (design may vary)

1 Felt pens regular size pack of 12 colors

2 Black white board markers

2 Red white board markers

3 Blue white board markers

3 Green white board markers

4 Fabric folder with zip (pink, orange, green and blue)

5 Clear bags-plastic document wallet with press stud fastening (red, white, blue, yellow and green)

1 Pair of small scissors

10 Bars of modeling clay 350g each (red, blue, turquoise, yellow, green, brown, white, pink and black)

1 Set of paint brushes size 2,4,6,8,10 and 12 (6pcs)

1 Standard ruler 30cm

4 Faber Castell rubbers

6 Pritt glue stick (43g)

1 Clipboard (color may vary)

Supplies Yr 2
Supplies Yr 2
Supplies Yr 2
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